Trade Scape is a Stock Market Education Platform wherein we conduct workshops on trading and investing in the markets. The most important asset of this business is Our Course that is used to conduct the workshops, which has been copyrighted under the Indian Copyrights Act, 1957.

This proposal is for the Right to Use (License) of our complete Business Infrastructure which includes a fully functional Website (same template as that of Trade Scape with workshop bookings system and payment gateway built-in)), The Copyrighted Course Material, Marketing Materials & Ads and Complete Business Platform Set-Up Assistance but under your own unique brand name.

The License Agreement will be for a period of 2 years at the end of which, the licensee shall have an option to renew the contract. And during this term, they shall have all the rights to conduct any number of workshops, have any number of students with No Royalties or Yearly Fees.

(We also do Lifetime Licenses at a slightly different price.)

We are in the Financial Market Education Business. In any country where there is an established Stock Exchange, people are engaged in trading in the Stock Market which makes our business not just a great business in India but a model that works for any country be it USA, UK, Japan, Sri Lanka, Germany or just about any other. The rules are the same.

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If you are looking to start a similar business, why not simply partner with us & take advantage of a readymade business infrastructure of using our Website & Copyrighted Trading Course instead of building everything from scratch.

And the best part is that it's not exactly a franchise in real terms as you shall run the business under your very Own Brand Name which will be just as a brand new business built by you.

We have than 7 franchise licenses running across the world in India, USA, Germany, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Vietnam & Australia.

Click on the Learn More tab to explore more from revenue model to operations or just fill out the form on the side & we shall get in touch with you in no time to walk you through the business model.

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