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Become a Stock Market Teacher

In developing countries, unlike the developed ones, not even 1% of the population is actively involved in the markets. Such a vast gap is only due to ignorance and general fear prevailing among the people that the Stock Market is not approachable by the general public, something left only to the pros.

YES! The markets can be a scary place for the naive, but learning to 'TRADE' need not be.

Our 5 Day Course takes you into a very rewarding journey into 'The Thrilling World of Trading' in the most amusing and fun way ever. You are just one step away from an entirely different life.

Trade Scape is one of a kind Stock Market Education Platform conducting regular workshops for beginners around the world, so as to make trading approachable by one and all.

Trade Scape aims to break the misconception that the Stock Market cannot be approached professionally just like any other, to make people understand that trading is a science and skill that one can master with proper mindset and a lot of practice just like any other profession in this world.

Trade Scape offers a 5 Day all inclusive workshop on ‘How to use Technical Analysis to trade in the markets’ covering every aspects right from the Basics to Advanced Strategies used by professionals worldwide, designed in such a way that's easily approachable even to a complete lay man.

We aim to be the Ice Breaker for all aspiring beginners who have heard wild stories of traders living an exciting life, jet-setting and getting insanely rich from the 'Markets' but are in the biggest dilemma of all - HOW TO START & WHERE TO START FROM?

Become a Stock Market Teacher

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