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Empower Your Network, Earn Lifetime Rewards

(*This is a DEMO page)


Sub-Brokership Program is a lucrative opportunity for licensees to expand their revenue streams. By becoming sub-brokers, licensees can establish a partnership with a chosen broker and refer their own students or clients to open trading accounts with them. This referral process creates a win-win situation, as licensees earn a share of the commissions and brokerage fees generated by their referred clients for life.


As sub-brokers, licensees enjoy a recurring source of revenue, as their referred clients continue to trade and generate brokerage activity. This allows licensees to build long-term relationships with their clients while earning ongoing commissions. The program provides licensees with access to the broker's backend system, which facilitates easy referral tracking and management.

Brokers typically offer comprehensive support to their sub-brokers, assisting them in onboarding clients, providing training resources, and granting access to a range of marketing materials. This support helps licensees effectively promote their sub-brokership services and attract potential clients.

Open a Trading Account

(A dedicated button like this anywhere on the Licensees website should suffice)

Partner Program Vantage

(This is a screenshot of the Partner Program page of a leading broker, Vantage)

(Most brokers across the world offer similar sub-broker/partner programs )


Similar to sub-brokership, there are various other affiliate partner programs where licensees can sign up to diversify their revenue streams and enhance their business offerings. These programs, offered by leading financial platforms and other industry leaders, provide an excellent opportunity to generate additional income.

Affiliate partner.png

One famous example is that of Trading View's Partner Program. By becoming their affiliate partner, licensees can earn commissions for successful referrals made through their unique referral link and ID. Their commission-based structure ensures a steady source of income based on the activity and engagement of the referred users. They even offer lifetime profit sharing, allowing licensees to earn commissions on payments made by their referred customers for the lifetime of their accounts.

Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 7.17.16 PM.png

(This is a screenshot of the Partner Program page of Trading View)

To seamlessly incorporate partner programs into their websites, licensees can start by establishing a partnership with their preferred external businesses. Once partnered, they can obtain a unique referral link that serves as a key identifier. By strategically placing a button or link on their website, licensees can guide their clients and students to click and activate their referral link, redirecting them to their partner's website. This straightforward process enables licensees to effortlessly connect their audience with partner programs.

These Partner Programs can be an excellent revenue source for licensees, as it allows them to leverage their existing client base & expand their business network. By combining these with their educational services & other offerings, llicensees can offer a comprehensive suite of financial solutions to their clients. This not only enhances their value proposition but also creates additional revenue streams for sustained growth.

(NOTE - The demo pages are not mere demonstration but fully functional prototypes that seamlessly integrate into a licensee's business with a bit of back-end adjustments and content additions, ready to publish & launch.)

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