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Leverage your market knowledge into a business.

Know the markets well. Share with others too. Kick-start your very own trading & investment education venture & conduct Online Classes/Live Physical Workshops for students across the globe.


Simply license our infrastructure (Website & Course) & use it as your own for a fixed one-time fee.

Trade Scape is a Stock Market Education Platform wherein we conduct workshops on trading & investing in the markets. The most important asset of this business is Our Course that is used to conduct the classes, which has been copyrighted under the Indian Copyrights Act, 1957.

Our License Model is aimed for traders or any one with market know-how who are looking to start a similar education venture like that of Trade Scape in their respective countries.

Its a complete Business Infrastructure package which includes -


1. A Fully Operational Website (exact template of Trade Scape's with online classes booking system & payment gateway built-in).

2. Our Copyrighted Course Material.

3. Our Marketing Assets.

4. Complete Business Platform Set-Up for the new venture.


***but under your 'own brand name'.

The License Agreement will be for a period of 3 years at the end of which, the licensee shall have an option to renew the contract.

License Fee starts as low as $2000(USD).

Detailed Price Structure below.

Become a Stock Market Mentor

The license fee investment can be recovered within the initial 3-5 workshops since there are no overhead expenses apart from the social media ad campaigns to promote the workshops/classes.

The business need not be 'Stock Market' specific. With minor edits, it works the same for Forex, Commodities or even the Crypto domain because the course is mainly on Technical Analysis which is but a universal choice to trade any market across the world.


Everything from the website to the course is totally customizable as per individual needs.

Trade Scape offers 3 License Options -

A. Full Infrastructure (Both Website & Course including Full Business Set-Up)

B. Only Course (Have your own website & interested only in our Course)

C. Only Website (Have your own course OR don't need one)

**Our 'Only Course' option helps already established market based businesses (brokers, advisories etc) to bring an education segment within their existing business ecosystem.

If you are indeed looking to start a similar business, why not simply partner with us & take advantage of a ready-made business infrastructure instead of building everything from scratch.

We have 10 licensees around the world in India, USA, Germany, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Vietnam & Australia so far which proves the effectiveness of this model.

If you think this model might ease up things for your new market education venture or may compliment your existing one, fill up the form below & we shall be glad to walk you through.

Trade Scape Business License
The link below leads to a Dropbox Folder with all necessary documents for review including the Course Sample, Price Structure, Agreement Sample etc
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Stock Market Business Franchise

Made with a lot of love | Copyright © 2023, Trade Scape

Trade Scape offers stock market education and educational materials only. We do not provide stock market tips or financial advice. Please consult with a qualified advisor before making investment decisions. Trade Scape is not responsible for any losses incurred. Please read and understand our Full Disclaimer for more details.
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