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Diversify Your Income: Explore New Revenue Sources

Welcome to our Demo Sections. As a licensee, you must be wanting to explore beyond our educational classes. So we've created some demo pages to showcase additional revenue sources for your business. Before delving into these sections, let's quickly outline what each offers and how they can benefit you.

  • Live Classes: This is the main model around which our business is built. In the demo section, we provide a visual representation of how video conferencing will look when one of our licensees conducts a live workshop for their students.

  • Online Courses: In this section we demonstrate how you can utilize our comprehensive course material to create engaging and informative pre-recorded video sessions. Whether you choose to enhance our existing course or introduce your own advanced topics, this section showcases the endless possibilities for expanding your educational offerings.

  • Subscription Plans: This section demonstrates how you can offer a range of valuable services to your clients through various subscription tiers & generate recurring revenue. From trade alert services to advanced trading insights, subscription plans can provide an additional income stream leveraging your expertise.

  • Market Insights (through paid blog subscriptions): Monetize your expertise and insights by offering paid blog subscriptions to your clients. In this section, you'll learn how to provide exclusive market research and analysis to your clients through your own blog.

  • Partner Programs: Diversify your revenue streams by establishing a sub-brokership or other affiliate programs. As a licensee, you can earn various commissions or a share of the brokerage generated by the clients referred by you for life which can be your own students after they complete a workshop with you.

  • Advisory Services: Unlock new income opportunities by offering personalised one-on-one portfolio management & advisory services. In this section, you'll explore how you can provide tailored investment strategies, portfolio analysis, and regular performance reviews to your clients, helping them make informed investment decisions.

  • Forum: Foster a thriving community and engage with your audience on a whole new level. This section explores how you can create a forum which can serve as a platform for discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking to create a vibrant community where members can connect and learn from each other's experiences.

We invite you to explore these demo sections and customise them to align with your unique offerings and business goals. These pages are not just mere demos, but fully functional components of our website. With a few back-end adjustments and content additions, they will seamlessly integrate into your business as live working models.

You have the freedom to choose which sections to incorporate into your business alongside the live education segment and which ones to keep dormant, hidden from your website for future use.

If you desire, you have the opportunity to completely reshape our business model, transitioning it from an education-focused approach to one centered around your chosen demo service. As a licensee you have all  the freedom to re-imagine and reinvent the business as per your needs.

We look forward to doing business with you.

(NOTE - The demo pages are not mere demonstration but fully functional prototypes that seamlessly integrate into a licensee's business with a bit of back-end adjustments and content additions, ready to publish & launch.)

  • Who is this business meant for?
    Our License Model is aimed for traders across the world or just about any one with market know-how who are looking to start a similar education venture like that of Trade Scape in their respective regions. If you are skilled in Technical Analysis and have been trading for a while now and looking to leverage your knowledge into a market education business of your own, where you can teach others to trade, then this business is for you. Alternatively, you can simply hire someone with the know-how to run the classes for you in a profit-sharing or salary arrangement. Trade Scape's License Model is the groundwork upon which one can build their own individual brand. It serves as a mechanism to help one skip the initial hassle of building an entire business infrastructure, from website development to course creation, and instead launch as soon as possible by using our infrastructure as their own.
  • Why License? Why not build it on your own?
    Building a similar education business from scratch all by yourself is totally doable. We did it. Anyone can too. But it's a lot of hard-work, patience and a long trial & error road ahead. Right from building a website (that too a good looking one), writing out all its contents to setting up the payment gateway, marketing the business to building a brand. And not to mention, the biggest challenge- 'The Course' (to conduct the classes with). It will definitely take quite a while to build an interesting, illustrated course all by yourself that is capable of engaging your audience and at the same time covers every topic, from the basics to advanced concepts, all thoroughly researched and presented. We look forward to simplifying this initial struggle of yours by sharing our ready made infrastructure (website & course) with you. So that you can just skip the initial start-up hassle and launch as quickly as possible in return for a small one-time fee. While you get to focus on the thing that you would probably do best i.e. Running Your Masterclass. Still have questions? Have a quick look at our 'Why License' page.
  • What does it mean to run the new business under 'own brand name'?
    At Trade Scape, we're happy to offer our website template and course materials to help you start your own business. However, we don't license out our brand name and domain. Why? Because we believe the website template and our course materials are the most important aspects of our offering, and we want to give you the freedom to create your own unique brand identity. Our goal is to empower you to create a business that reflects your own vision and values. We're confident that with our infrastructure and course materials, you'll be able to build a successful business that's truly your own with no affiliation to Trade Scape of any kind.
  • Where can I review a sample of the course?
    You can review a quick sample of the course (in PDF) OR a full review of the whole course (in video), go over all the topics covered in our course content as well as our copyrights certificates here on this on this Dropbox Folder.
  • How is the marketing/promotion of the classes done?
    Our marketing strategy for both online and offline workshops is entirely ONLINE and conducted through social media ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. Facebook is an excellent marketing platform for small business owners and is easy to use for anyone. Creating a successful ad campaign is as simple as creating a Facebook post or uploading a photo on Instagram. The Facebook Ads Manager is a comprehensive tool for creating, managing, and tracking the performance of ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or any of their audience networks. For a more in-depth explainer, please refer to the document 'License Model Explainer (Live Classes)' on this Dropbox Folder.
  • Can I run this business in multiple locations or am I limited to my residential area?
    With our online-based business model, you have the freedom to operate your business in multiple locations, or even on a global scale. Whether you choose to run live online classes, sell pre-recorded online courses, offer subscription services or personal advisory services, or explore other revenue streams, the nature of our business allows for geographical flexibility. Marketing for the business is primarily done online through targeted social media campaigns, primarily via Google, Facebook & Instagram ads. This enables you to target the ads towards audience from specific locations, genders, age groups, and demographics with precision. You can strategically run your ads in the locations of your choice, rotate them as needed, and expand your reach to new markets. (Our License Model Explainer Docs on this Dropbox Folder has a better explanation on this) By leveraging the power of digital platforms, you have the opportunity to grow and scale your business beyond the limitations of a single location. The online nature of our business provides the flexibility to tap into diverse markets and reach a global audience for your services.
  • Can I obtain a license and start operations in a location where there is already an existing licensee?
    Absolutely. Our business model is designed to cater to niche sections of the population, and we understand that each licensee targets their specific audience. While there may be other licensees operating in the same country or location, it does not hinder your ability to address your own set of clients. We believe in the vast potential of different markets and the diverse audiences they hold. As a licensee, you have the flexibility to choose your target market and run your classes or services accordingly. For example, if you opt for our Live Classes revenue model, you can conduct online classes for students anywhere, regardless of your physical location. For instance, imagine being based in Florida, USA, and running classes for students located in another US state like New York or even in another country like Australia or New Zealand. Our model allows you to expand your reach beyond geographical boundaries and connect with students worldwide. This flexibility opens up a world of opportunities for growth and impact in your chosen market. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, and we do not disclose licensee details to others. Each licensee operates independently, offering their unique perspective, expertise, and teaching style. Just like how multiple Domino's or McDonald's outlets serve different regions and communities, there is room for multiple licensees to thrive in the same country or location. The demand for educational services is vast, and there are countless potential students to reach. So, rest assured, you can establish your presence and make a meaningful impact in your chosen market, even if there are other licensees operating there.
  • How much can I expect to make from running the classes?
    Trade Scape offers education through physical workshops or online classes with minimal overhead expenses. The only cost is for online ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. Pre-tax profit margins can exceed 75% and increase with more students. Workshop fees range from $150-250 per student and can be adjusted. For a single 5-day online workshop with 2-hour classes, 10 students at $150 per head generates a revenue of $1,500, while the same class with 20 and 30 students generate $3,000 and $4,500 respectively in revenue, with other costs remaining almost the same apart from the ad spend. For a more in-depth explainer, please refer to the document 'License Model Explainer (Live Classes)' on this Dropbox Folder.
  • How long will it take to earn back the license fee (i.e ROI)?
    The Return on Investment (ROI) for our License Model is a simple and straightforward calculation, which is directly linked to the fees charged and the number of workshops conducted per month by a licensee. Thus the initial investment made towards the license fee can be recovered within a maximum of 3 initial workshops for the 3-year full infrastructure license option and within 5 workshops for the lifetime one. For a more in-depth explainer, please refer to the documents 'License Model Explainer (Live Classes)' & 'License Price Structure' on this Dropbox Folder.
  • What rights does a licensee have?
    We offer complete autonomy to our licensees to promote their own brand, organize workshops, and conduct online classes using our infrastructure and course materials. You have the flexibility to modify the website and course content as necessary, set your own pricing without any restrictions, and grow your business as per your unique vision and values. However, please note that the licensed materials are strictly for your own commercial use and cannot be sold, leased, licensed, or used for any other purpose, such as publishing or unauthorized distribution.
  • I understand how you transfer the course, but how do you transfer the website?
    Sharing the website is a similar process as sharing the original editable course files over email to the licensee. First we ask the client to create a free account on Wix ( which is our website building platform. This can be easily done via a quick Google sign up. After that we create an exact replica (duplicate) of our website (Trade Scape) and transfer it to the licensee's new Wix account. Then we do some customization on the newly transferred site, make content and design changes as requested by the licensee, change the logo (a new logo for the new brand ), connect the new domain ( and publish the site for the world, all completed within a day's time. That's about it. The licensee is from then on the administrator & owner of the new site. Note - We thoroughly tutor the licensee how to manage the website on their own & also are remotely available anytime the clients needs help.
  • Will I be able to operate & manage the website on my own?
    Of course. The website requires No Coding Experience to operate as its made on the Wix Platform which is a CMS (Content Management System) platform with simple drag & drop interface which can be easily edited and managed by just about anyone. It has been deliberately designed on Wix so as to make the process as simple as possible for the licensees. It hardly takes an hour or two to get used to the interface. Please visit to review the ease of use of their interface and get a better understanding of the same.
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