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Offer Multiple Services with Recurring Subscriptions

(*This is a DEMO page)

This is the section where our licensees have the opportunity to create and offer diverse subscription plans to their clients, expanding beyond education. With an array of valuable services at their disposal, these subscription plans offer licensees an additional revenue stream and enhance the breadth of offerings within their business.

For this DEMO we are using a Stock Trade Alerts Subscription Plan


Unlock the power of real-time trade alerts delivered effortlessly to your fingertips. Our professional signal service revolutionizes your trading experience by providing timely notifications of specific entry and exit points for potential trades. Backed by comprehensive analysis and expert risk management recommendations, we are dedicated to enhancing your trading journey.

With our signal service, you can reclaim valuable time and energy while gaining invaluable insights into new trading methods and strategies. We spare you the hours of arduous research, delivering curated trade signals directly to your preferred messaging platform be it Telegram or WhatsApp.

What sets our service apart is the level of detail we offer. Each trade alert includes not only the recommended entry and exit points but also stop-loss levels & up to three profit targets. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have a well-rounded understanding of each trade, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Join our subscription service and gain an edge in the ever-changing world of trading.

(Furthermore, our signal service is not limited to the stock market alone. As a licensee, you have the flexibility to extend this kind of services for Forex, Crypto or any other markets. The whole website along with all contents as well as our course can be quickly customised to cater to any trading vehicle the licensee wants to.)

(*Below is the live working demo of a Subscription Pricing Plan)

Choose your pricing plan

  • Rookie

    Every month
    For the amatuer trader
    • 2-5 Daily Signals
    • Entry, Exit, Stop Loss
    • 3 Targets Per Trade
    • 2% risk per trade
    • 10% gain and draw down
    • Money Management
    • Weekly Support
  • Committed

    Every month
    For the dedicated trader
    • 5-8 Daily Signals
    • Entry, Exit, Stop Loss
    • 4 Targets Per Trade
    • 2% risk per trade
    • 15% gain and draw down
    • Advanced Money Management
    • 24/7 Live Support
    • Exclusive Market Insights
  • Save 50%


    Every year
    For the experienced trader
     7 day free trial
    • 8-12 Daily Signals
    • Entry, Exit, Stop Loss
    • 5 Targets Per Trade
    • 1% risk per trade
    • 20% gain and draw down
    • Advanced Money Management
    • Priority Live Support
    • Exclusive Market Insights
    • Priority Access to New Features

In the above demo, we created a Stock Price Alert Subscription Service. In a similar fashion licensees can create subscription plans around various other services such as:

  • Research Reports: Subscription access to regularly updated research reports on market trends, industry analysis, and specific stocks or asset classes, empowering clients with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Trading Tools and Software: Exclusive subscription access to advanced trading tools, software, or indicators that can assist clients in conducting thorough market analysis & identifying potential trading opportunities.

  • Trading Community and Support: Subscription-based membership in a vibrant trading community, providing a platform for networking, sharing ideas, and support from fellow traders & experienced mentors.

  • Portfolio Analysis and Risk Management: Subscription-based services that offer personalised portfolio analysis, risk assessment, and guidance on managing investment portfolios for optimal returns and risk mitigation.

  • Trading Strategies and Research: Sharing exclusive trading strategies, research studies, and proprietary indicators or tools that subscribers can use to enhance their trading approach and decision-making.

  • Mentorship and Coaching: Providing ongoing mentorship and coaching services, offering personalised guidance, support, and feedback on trading strategies, risk management, and overall trading performance.

These subscription services can provide additional value to clients, allowing them to gain a competitive edge, expand their trading knowledge, and at the same time bring in additional streams of revenue for our licensees in addition to our education services.

(NOTE - The demo pages are not mere demonstration but fully functional prototypes that seamlessly integrate into a licensee's business with a bit of back-end adjustments and content additions, ready to publish & launch.)

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