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Self Paced (Pre-recorded) Sessions

(*This is a DEMO page)

This is the section where our licensees can create pre-recorded online sessions using our comprehensive course as the foundation, dividing our 400+ slides long course into smaller sections, enhanced with engaging voiceover narration, to provide their students with a flexible and self-paced learning experience. Our Online Program page offers licensees the opportunity to deliver high-quality educational content in a convenient format. 


By leveraging our carefully crafted course materials and adding their own unique voiceover, licensees can customize the learning journey and deliver a personalized touch to their students. These pre-recorded sessions enable students to access the course content anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace, allowing for greater flexibility in their learning process. With the ability to pause, rewind, and review the material as needed, students can grasp complex concepts with ease.


Our Online Program page is a demo to showcases a flexible solution for licensees who prefer a self-paced business model or are unable to commit time to conducting live sessions. With this model, licensees can create personalized courses that run autonomously with minimal ongoing effort. Once created, the courses can be accessed by students at any time, allowing for convenient and independent learning with little to no intervention needed.

Licensees have the freedom to leverage our course material just as their foundation and subsequently develop their own distinct courses to add to their website. They can explore a wide range of topics including fundamental analysis, options trading, trading psychology, algorithmic trading, cryptocurrency trading, and more.

(*Below is the live working demo of a Online Courses Booking System )

(*To activate, a licensee adds their own course content (video) to the website's back-end, based on our course with a bit of voice-over, either by themselves or an online hired voice-over artist, easily available as freelancers)

The pricing displayed in the above demo is just an example. As a licensee, you have full control over setting your own pricing structure. You can decide how to divide the course into smaller segments or even offer it as a single pre-recorded session. With Wix's user-friendly backend, you can seamlessly incorporate quizzes, questionnaires, and more to enhance the learning experience for your students.


Whether students prefer the interactive nature of live sessions or the flexibility of pre-recorded sessions, our platform empowers licensees to deliver high-quality and engaging educational experiences. Choose the approach that best suits your teaching style and student preferences

(NOTE - The demo pages are not mere demonstration but fully functional prototypes that seamlessly integrate into a licensee's business with a bit of back-end adjustments and content additions, ready to publish & launch.)

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