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Why license? Why not build yourself? Important question! Read on, so that you don't have to waste your time going over something that won't work for you in the first place.

Honesty is the best policy. Right? We still believe so.

Ok. However if you are in fact interested to know more, Trade Scape is a stock market education platform mainly focused on technical analysis and we have been into the business of conducting market education classes since 2017, taught hundreds of students across all ages & occupations and we admit, it has been a highly fulfilling journey so far.

Up until recently, when we got involved with certain commitments and unable to run classes as we used to. But it took a lot of time, love and a hell of an effort to build Trade Scape and in particular, our course. Not something that should be locked up and forgotten.
Teach Technical Analysis in US
So we figured out that there sure are people across the world, traders like us, who are passionate about their craft, for whom their day starts & ends with the markets. People like us, who too are looking to start a similar education venture in their own countries, to share their knowledge & all that they have learned over the years with thousands of others who truly want to learn, in the most honest possible way.

Now a question arises. How can this business model be relevant around the world?

It is so because wherever people are engaged in trading (stocks/forex/crypto or whatever), technical analysis is the way to go. Individual strategies may vary, but the basics, the fundamentals are all the same. And our copyrighted course is 95% plain, good old technical analysis presented in the most illustrative way out there, which is also our edge. So it doesn't matter whether one trades stocks or forex, this business works the same.
So far 10 licensees in 7 countries does prove the model works. Have a look at our License Section to understand more in depth how the model is structured and how it can help you launch your own venture.
The main function of our website is to acts as a workshop booking platform to manage classes, display information and accept payments.  A scroll through the homepage will give you a general idea.
Technical Analyst Job
Building a similar education business from scratch all by yourself is totally doable. We did it. Anyone can too.

But it's a lot of hard-work, patience and a long trial & error road ahead.
Right from building a website (that too a good looking one), writing out all it's contents to setting up the payment gateway, marketing the business to building a brand. And not to mention, the biggest challenge - The Course.

We look forward to simplifying this initial struggle of yours by sharing our ready made infrastructure with you. So that you can just skip the hassle and launch as quick as possible in return for a small one-time fee.
And you get to focus on the thing that you would probably do best i.e. Running Your Masterclass.
Additionally for those who might already have their own infrastructure in place in the form of a similar or related business, we are sure 'our course' can be a great additional boost to their existing ecosystem.

No doubt running a market education business can be a very lucrative one with people who make a name for themselves, making millions on the run. And now with everything & everyone online with the advent of the pandemic, it's a business with almost zero overhead expenses and a potential worldwide target audience.  One can be running a session from the US and have students spread across various countries at the same time.
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The opportunity is of course there. But we have always run Trade Scape with a lot of reverence for our students because they look up to us, that we know better. And it is our ultimate responsibility to honor that trust.
And this is the most important thing we want from all our licensees as well who use our infrastructure - honesty all the way. We look forward to working with you.
Stock Market Business Franchise

Made with a lot of love | Copyright © 2023, Trade Scape

Trade Scape offers stock market education and educational materials only. We do not provide stock market tips or financial advice. Please consult with a qualified advisor before making investment decisions. Trade Scape is not responsible for any losses incurred. Please read and understand our Full Disclaimer for more details.
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