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And you get to focus on the thing that you would probably do best i.e. Running Your Masterclass.


Why License? Let us simplify the journey for you.

Building a market education business like that of Trade Scape from scratch is a challenging & time-consuming process. It requires website development, content creation, payment gateway setup, marketing efforts & most importantly, creating a comprehensive course. But why start from scratch when we have done the groundwork for you?
By joining forces with us, you gain access to our proven infrastructure, expertise, and a ready-made course on technical analysis that has already empowered hundreds of students worldwide.

Why waste time & resources building a similar set-up from scratch when you can leverage our successful blueprint & use it as your own?
And if you are someone who already has their own set-up around the domain of market education, our course can be he missing piece that will elevate your offerings to new heights.

And now, with our recently updated website infrastructure, having the inclusion of various Demo Sections, licensing our infrastructure opens up a world of opportunities beyond Live Classes.

We have already built & integrated fully functional prototypes of various other revenue sources within our website that our licensees can explore. These prototypes seamlessly integrate into a licensee's business with a bit of back-end adjustments & content additions, ready to publish and launch.

Licensees can now explore new avenues such as creating & selling pre-recorded classes through our
Online Courses page. They can offer subscription services through our Subscription Plans page, providing ongoing value to their audience & recurring revenue for their business.

Another option is to monetize their expertise through a paid blog subscription model via our
Market Insights page. Licensees can also expand their services by participating in our partner program, offering sub-broker and other affiliate services through our Partner Program page. Lastly, they can foster a thriving community and even monetize it in due course by leveraging our Forum Platform.

Now a question arises.
How can this business model be relevant around the world?

It is so because Technical Analysis is universally relevant in trading, regardless of the market or asset class. While strategies may differ, the fundamentals remain the same. Our copyrighted course focuses on plain, illustrative technical analysis, making it applicable to all traders, whether they trade stocks, forex, or crypto. With this approach, our business model transcends borders and offers a valuable opportunity for traders worldwide.
Building a similar education business from scratch all by yourself is totally doable. We did it. Anyone can do it as well. However, it requires significant work, patience, and a willingness to navigate a long road of trial & error ahead.
We look forward to simplifying this initial struggle of yours by sharing our ready made infrastructure with you. So that you can just skip the hassle and launch as quick as possible.
Stock Market Business Franchise

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Trade Scape offers stock market education and educational materials only. We do not provide stock market tips or financial advice. Please consult with a qualified advisor before making investment decisions. Trade Scape is not responsible for any losses incurred. Please read and understand our Full Disclaimer for more details.
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